Pay a Visit to The Sprout Queen at Pine Island Botanicals

Farmers market display of assorted fruits and vegetables

If you’ve been to one of Southwest Florida’s farmers markets, then chances are you’ve seen Christine Lindsey a.k.a. The Sprout Queen. Since 2009, Lindsey has been sprouting, harvesting and selling organic alfalfa, broccoli, wheatgrass and more to customers in the Fort Myers & Sanibel area.

Southwest Florida’s unique climate, in particular, is perfect for tropical fruit and vegetable plantations. Lindsey’s hobby quickly turned into a full time business when she started working with Pine Island Botanicals, one of the area’s only locations for year-round homegrown organic produce. The unique 5-acre working farm utilizes a hydroponic growing system and offers tours by appointment most days of the week. Organic avocado, macadamia and many forms of citrus are on display, plus a pleasant community of butterflies, chickens and tortoises.

A farmers market is hands down the best way to get produce on your plate. Lindsey and hundreds of others frequent the open-air wholesales, with fresh and local fruits, vegetables and grains. While you’re there, ask about classes. The Sprout Queen herself teaches a simple Mason jar method of sprouting and growing buckwheat, wheatgrass, sunflowers and pea greens. Or, visit her website for instructions you can follow at home.

It’s only natural to think of fresh fruits and vegetables when you’re among the scenery of the Fort Myers & Sanibel area. Thankfully, there’s always a restaurant, farmers market or food truck with whatever you’re craving on the menu, especially if The Sprout Queen is around.

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