A Morning in Paradise

Osprey in flight

Howdy, folks! Captain Brian here. I'd like to take you for a boat ride this morning with me as captain, nature explorer, photographer and guide. I board my boat at McCarthy's Marina (formerly the old city dock) on Captiva Island, oftentimes as the sun rises above the horizon. The old city dock is where ferry boats used to bring supplies to Captiva Island before the Causeway was built. I love this time of the morning at first light. Listen, can you hear that? It's the sound of the osprey -a high pitch chirp. The osprey are waking up with the sun, and there goes a flock of white ibis.

I motor out of the marina, shut off the engine and drift on the water to truly appreciate the sights and sounds around me. What a morning it is! Here comes a double-crested cormorant. Listen, you can hear the cormorant’s feathers as he flies by.


Life on the water in the morning is the best time of day when everything comes alive. The clouds reflect on the water, the sun peeks through and the sounds of nature echo across the water.  Shhh, here comes a pod of dolphin.  Look, look! It is a mother dolphin and her baby. I hear them breathe and dive under the water.  I will never get tired of seeing and hearing dolphins in the wild.


To just sit, listen and watch a dolphin any time of day on the water is a joy. Ahhh, and then I take a look toward the horizon to see Pine Island and the sun is up! I would say, "It's gonna be a great day!"  

Check out my Wildlife Wednesday episodes to experience more of what it's like to venture around the water with me. If you would like to take a private guided trip to shell, take photos or view wildlife by boat and see what Southwest Florida is all about, give me a call at 239-989-6522 or email me at relaxandexplore@gmail.com

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