5 Reasons to Stay in a Sanibel Beach Cottage on Your Next Vacation

Beach cottage
The shores of Sanibel are brimming with beach cottages

Far from the high-rises of Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island offers a quiet reprieve from the crowds and direct access to some of the area’s most shell-strewn beaches. Sanibel Captiva Road ­– the island’s version of Main Street – is flanked by mangrove forests and dotted with bungalows housing quaint, locally owned businesses, all culminating in a distinct small-town vibe.


It’s only appropriate that your vacation accommodations should match the area’s intimate atmosphere. Luckily, the shores of Sanibel are brimming with beach cottages featuring all the comforts of home, and even some added amenities. But enough with the hype. Here are the top five reasons why a Sanibel beach cottage is the way to go. 

A more authentic experience

When you rent out a cottage by the shore, you’ll feel like you’ve settled into a home away from home. Each of the rentals you’ll find on Sanibel boast a unique character, creating an authentic quality that’s harder to come by in a major hotel.  

Group of people looking at sunset
A cottage on the shore feels like home away from home

Take commuting out of the equation

Most cottages on Sanibel Island are right on the water, placing guests just steps from the shore. Now, you won’t have to worry about a long walk or drive home after a day spent on the sand. 

Three beach chairs
There's plenty of room for a front row seat to your own island

More space to unwind

Vacation homes typically dwarf hotel rooms by comparison. You’ll be grateful for this surplus of space during extended vacations. Even though you’ll be spending the majority of your time relaxing in the sand or exploring the island, it’s nice to have a little personal space after a long day.   

Couple walking along beach at sunset
You'll love the surplus of space on our islands

A place to catch & cook

Although there’s no shortage of unbeatable eateries scattered around Sanibel and Captiva, you might want to partake in a fishing excursion.. If you decide you want to prepare a fresh catch or just want to spend a quiet night in, a kitchen or kitchenette in most cottages allows you the opportunity to spice things up. 

Man and woman island fishing
Island fishing

A great visit again and again

Countless family traditions have been born on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Once you’ve spent a vacation in a beach cottage, you’ll want to return to that special place for years to come. 


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Child making a sand angel at the beach
We know you'll love the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

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