5 Quirky Yoga Practices That Are Sure to Spark Wellbeing

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Across Southwest Florida, yoga is more than sun salutations. Around here, we’re getting out of the studio to practice our Warrior One. Check out these five fun alternatives to a traditional mat practice. You’ll laugh, you’ll twirl and you just might learn how to say “Namaste” in goat.

Flamingo Yoga

Pigeon pose takes on a whole new meaning as you bend and stretch with the wandering birds at the Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs. Graceful pink flamingos and bright blue-green peacocks stroll through the gardens (and sometimes among the mats) as yogis move through a gentle restorative class. The classes take place in the mornings before the Wonder Gardens are open to the public. A great way to start the day for birds of all feathers.

Laughter Yoga

Who says yoga has to be serious? With a focus on breathing, meditation, relaxation and—most of all—laughing, laughter yoga leaves yogis feeling blissed out and joyful. No traditional yoga poses required. Paradise Wellness in Bonita Springs offers laughter yoga sessions for small groups and individuals by appointment. Be prepared for an uproariously good time.

Goat Yoga

Goats make great yogis at Little Big Beak Farm in Bokeelia. A certified yoga teacher leads the class through familiar poses while the farm’s goats hop, munch and play among the mats. Their favorite pose? Table top. They love to jump on backs and play king of the mountain. Hilarity and wellbeing ensue.

Aerial Yoga

Join the acrobatic arts of aerial yoga at Yayso Yoga in Fort Myers. Aerial yogis twirl and stretch while suspended in lengths of silken fabric. As artistic as they are physical, these classes promote both fitness and grace. Discover why celebrities and influencers are enamored by this elegant art and exercise form.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Take in the natural wonders of the Gulf Coast as you work on your practice atop a stand up paddleboard at Ambu Yoga on Captiva Island. Designed to improve strength and balance, these classes take place in a secluded natural setting surrounded by mangroves. Manatees and dolphins often swim by. Part paddleboard journey, part yoga session, the experience is sure to awaken all of your senses.

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