5 Fun-in-the-Sun Family Beach Games

Men playing sand volleyball

With all the epic activities available on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, it’s still pretty tough to find anything more fulfilling than a full day dedicated to the beach. While lounging on the white sand and listening to gentle waves can be relaxing, every now and then it’s time to jump up, get active and game on. Enjoy any one of these five fun-in-the-sun family beach games that are perfect for letting loose on our beaches.

Beach Volleyball

Bump, set and spike your way to victory in one of the most classic beach games of all. Get competitive, play like a team and make a diving save on sand courts available at numerous beaches including Bonita Beach Park and Crescent Beach Family Park (located on Fort Myers Beach next to the pier).


This new-school Frisbee disc game will have your friends jumping and deflecting all afternoon. Played with a flying disc and two short barrels, KanJam is a game played with two teams, each attempting to deflect the thrown disc of their partner into a barrel. Whether you’re with just a few friends or a big group, it makes for an exciting afternoon at the beach. 


Kan Jam is one thing, but if you’re not looking to get competitive, then pick up a game of classic Frisbee. Gather as many friends and family members as you can and spread out across the beach for laid-back, disc-tossing bliss. After a while, switch it up and show off your skills with trick tosses and catches behind the back or beneath the legs. Any way you decide to play, this is one game that makes for great exercise and carefree fun.

Bocce Ball

Laid-back, low key and fun for all ages, bocce ball has been a timeless activity for generations. Put a new spin on your ball and out-roll your opponent in this easygoing game that demonstrates the perfect balance of competition and leisure. Make our beaches your new playing grounds.

Bag Toss

Bags away! Bag toss, aka cornhole is one of the newest and most popular beach games around. Played in pairs or singles, use your skills of precision to out-toss your opponents and become the ultimate hole-in-one honcho.

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