4 Fun-Filled Activities for the Active Traveler

Group kayaking through Moundhouse

A vacation here allows for a total refresh –not just for your mind but for your body too. If you’re itching to get moving after spending a few days lounging on the beach, check out some activities on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel that are sure to help you stay active.

Nature Trails

Visit Lovers Key State Park, and enjoy over 7 miles of multipurpose trails, including the waterfront Black Island and Eagle Trails. Be on the lookout for wild manatees, alligators and a variety of birds you aren’t likely to see anywhere else. You can also head out to Hickey Creek Mitigation Park for hiking-only trails and habitats that give a home to the beautiful, blue-feathered Florida Scrub-Jay and gopher tortoises.

Running and Biking on Fort Myers Beach

On Fort Myers Beach, you will find hard, compact sand perfectly pressed for biking. This popular spot lets bikers, and runners, exercise right along the tideline with ease. If you’re not looking for a shoreline activity, feel free to strap on your helmet and cycle down the cement bike path laced around the outskirts of Fort Myers Beach.

Kayaking Adventures

Take exercising to the water! Kayaking opportunities are as plentiful as the beaches. Rent a kayak and hit the water, or sign up for a guided tour and explore the Great Calusa Blueway. This 190-mile water trail is a must-paddle for any kayaker. The lush scenery, harmonious birdcalls and calm, rippling waters all make for a workout experience just as beautiful and blissful as it is effortful.

Yoga on the Beach

Find your center and attain true inner peace, all while listening to the mesmeric crash of waves and breathing in the refreshing salt air. Yoga on the beach is one of the more popular forms of exercise, offered at various locations on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Sink your toes into the soft, warm sand as you embrace the cool coastal breeze and take part in this relaxing test of endurance.

Woman performing yoga on a beach at sunset

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