10 Ways to Win Over Meeting Attendees: Southwest Florida Swag Items

Guests mingling at sunset party

As any attendee could tell you, some conference giveaways are more coveted than others. First, you have your more conventional items (like sunscreen, canvas bags or beach towels in sophisticated patterns), but then there’s the kind of swag that’s share-worthy on social media.

Take these ideas, for example, and be sure to add your own branding!

Mimosa Kit

There’s only one thing that says “The Sunshine State” better than orange juice – orange juice and champagne. The perfect pick-me-up after a day of flying, driving or sitting in sessions, mimosas do a world of good. And your attendees are sure to love such a light-hearted little indulgence. All you need are miniature bottles of OJ and bubbly.


Dried Fruit

Continuing with our edible theme, snacks never go unnoticed at events. Dried pineapple, cherries, apricots, bananas, kiwis, dates and even crystalized ginger are as delicious as they are convenient, whether your guests need a midday energy boost or an on-the-go bite before exploring.

Snack bowl

Waterproof Container

Speaking of exploring, our tranquil waterways and shell-covered beaches give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their surroundings. Attendees can safely bring necessities along for kayaking tours or shelling cruises instead of pocketing car keys or leaving phones behind – thanks to a compact, airtight vessel.


Too many travelers have left this essential item behind when packing for a trip, but consider their loss your gain. As one of the most practical giveaway items, earbuds especially come in handy during a scenic jog through one of several local nature preserves.

Headphones and computer

Tervis® Tumbler

Hotel coffee stays hot as the morning wears on. Cold water won’t “sweat” all over important papers. And mimosas keep cool even out by the pool. An extremely desirable (not to mention collectable) piece of swag, this tumbler can be personalized any number of ways, giving your company a long shelf life in someone’s home.

Shot Glass

As the epitome of all travel tchotchkes, this miniscule piece of glassware has become synonymous with gas station souvenir aisles across the state. But the joke’s on companies that don’t consider offering branded shot glasses.


Florida meetings call for a special kind of preparation. Combat unpredictable weather with one of the most classic conference giveaways. Convenience is key, which means mini umbrellas are definitely the way to go. Plus, unique patterns or stylish colors make your swag all the more appealing.

Colorful umbrellas

Aromatherapy Spray

Induce relaxation, improve energy levels or even remedy allergies with a wide range of scents and essential oil combinations. This is far from your average handout, and attendees will definitely appreciate the hospitable gesture.

Leather Luggage Tag

Equal parts functionality and style ensure this freebie won’t just sit in a junk drawer when your guests get home. Even if their suitcases are already tagged, who doesn’t enjoy complimentary upgrades?


Moleskine® Notebook

On a similar note of sophistication and practicality, high-quality notebooks speak volumes over their flimsy, spiral-bound counterparts. This recognizable brand is a top dog in the world of stationery, meaning people are sure to use your notebook for one thing or another.

Don’t forget: Branding your swag is crucial. After all, the point of handing out great gifts is to help people remember your company and increase your company’s exposure when they use those items.

Not only will guests be impressed by your choice of Florida-inspired swag, but they’ll also enjoy the gorgeous scenery surrounding our unique local venues. Yet another reason to start planning a truly memorable event on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Want even more meetings tips and tricks? Visit our Meetings page!

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