Shells on the beach

National Seashell Day

the best memories, just like shells, are found naturally.

Thanks to the geography of our islands, hundreds of species of unbroken shells roll onto our shores and into your reach.

Shells have a way of transforming into treasured memories when they’re held in your hand. And if you’ve ever been to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, you’ll be happy as a clam to know there’s a whole day dedicated to these gifts from the sea. On June 21st, we’re the perfect place to celebrate (or shellebrate) this national holiday.

National Seashell Day is a great chance to relax and take a moment to remember the beach and nature. Better yet, go for a visit and surround yourself with what matters most. Anyone who looks usually finds it within reach of shells. Just ask Ginger Zee and Good Morning America. They loved National Seashell Day so much that last year they broadcast live from our beaches to help us celebrate. Local resorts and hotels also get in on the fun with deals and specials on lodging, so it’s easier than ever to spend time on the beach. But shelling isn’t the only way to celebrate.

Plenty of other exciting and fun activities happen all summer long on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Find inspiration for your next beachcomber adventure on a shell tour of Fort Myers Beach, form a search party at Zoomers Amusement Park for the shell scavenger hunts, or surround yourself with shell exhibits, history and festivities at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

Keep your eye out for our special annual sweepstakes and giveaways – prize details coming soon. To learn more about this second annual event and how The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel brings it to life, explore the shelling events listed here and then join us June 21st for National Seashell Day

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