VEMA - Veron Ennis Modern Art

Fort Myers 10051 Mcgregor Blvd, Suite 201 , Fort Myers , FL 33919

(239) 849-7772

VEMA is a hub for modern paintings, sculpture, and prints. It includes a white-walled, white-floored gallery space, the studio of resident artist Veron Ennis, a print-making studio, and the creative studio of the talented Brian Stromlund of Foundry23.
VEMA's creative space presents the artwork of Veron Ennis and select guest artists in a comfortable setting giving guests the chance to experience a one-on-one presentation of available paintings and sculptures during scheduled appointments. All are welcome.
Ennis’ working studio is open for viewing and guests are invited to engage with the artist by asking questions and exploring the workspace.
Guest artists will be featured in the gallery for special exhibitions during the year. Check our exhibition schedule for details.
As part of the Art Loft in the Edwards Building on the Alliance for the Arts campus, visitors can experience a world of art in one convenient location.