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The greatest excitement you can get when you are aboard a boat at Fort Myers waters is a big tarpon catch. The pristine, warm, and calm quality of the water makes it a perfect habitat for these game fishes. These fishes are sought after by most hobbyists and sportsmen, be they newbie or aficionado. There are some vacationers who are clueless on how to go about while there are seasoned anglers who has the most up-to-date fishing gear and equipment. They all enjoy tarpon fishing. 
Tarpons are often called as ocean fish. They have a violent shine and are very strong. Their back is of a characteristic green-bluish shade, olive color, and sometimes brown. They retreat on deep holes most of the time but prefer to show up openly on sunny and mild winter days. They are plentiful during early spring and throughout the middle of summer. They can also be found in the coasts of Fort Myers in September. Fishing on these times brings a smile on everyone’s lips because the tarpons are sure to bite your bait.
Here is a piece of advice. Search the Net for fishing charters and ask for their availability on the months of April to September.  It is during these months when the tarpons are sure to find its way into your bait. You my use artificial baits though live baits can produce more positive results. 
Another thing to consider when planning on a tarpon fishing adventure is to check on the condition of the boats. The thing to look for is a well-maintained boat with sea worthy condition and a captain that has a full knowledge and a wealthy experience in seafaring. You have to feel safe and comfortable in your fishing excursion. 
You need to book a fishing charter early so you can get first hand excitement on catching these energetic breed.  You may witness a 6foot Silver King weighing at least 150 pounds perform an aerial show while chasing down your water plug.  The jumps are unforgettable, what with its heart stopping moves. Remember to charge your cameras fully so you can document this moment. 
To fully appreciate your fishing expedition, you may request for a full 8 hour cruise. In this package, you get the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing and relaxing with your fishing buddies. You might as well grab the chance to unwind yourself from the stresses of your daily life. Other package options include a 6hour journey and a short half day trip for 4 hours. 
Tarpon fishing is nature-filled activity. Take a closer look at the water, the fishes, and breathe the cool sea breeze. Be one of the thousand people who regularly troop to Fort Myers and spend a wonderful time you can always remember. 

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