Causeway Reef

Sanibel & Captiva Islands Gulf of Mexico , Lee County, FL 33957



Causeway Reef

28' Depth

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Individual Plots:

SC1: 26-22.980N, 82-01.110W Piling Cutoffs
SC2: 26-22.937N, 82-01.144W Piling Cutoffs
SC3: 26-22.836N, 82-01.248W Pile Cps, Steel Rd Bed
SC4: 26-22.860N, 82-01.169W Road Bed
SC5: 26-22.864N, 82-01.109W Road Bed
SC6: 26-22.850N, 82-01.154W Road Bed / Pilings
SC7: 26-22.937N, 82-01.144W Piling Cutoffs
SC8: 26-22.926N, 82-01.127W Piling Cutoffs
SC9: 26-22.901N, 82-01.125W Piling Cutoffs
SC10: 26-22.980N, 82-01.082W Piling Cutoffs
SC11: 26-23.030N, 82-01.174W Piling Cutoffs
SC12: 26-22.835N, 82-01.258W Pile Caps/Pilings
SC13: 26-22.836N, 82-01.248W Pile Cps, Steel Rd Bed
SC14: 26-22.870N, 82-01.270W Pilings
SC15: 26-22.842N, 82-01.236W Guardrails
SC16: 26-22.860N, 82-01.169W Road Bed
SC17: 26-22.876N, 82-01.208W Road Bed
SC18: 26-22.912N, 82-01.250W Guardrails, Pilings
SC19: 26-22.866N, 82-01.053W Road Bed
SC20: 26-22.864N, 82-01.109W Road Bed
SC21: 26-22.903N, 82-01.219W Road Bed
SC22: 26-22.850N, 82-01.154W Road Bed/Pilings
SC23: 26-22.934N, 82-01.219W Road Bed/Pilings
SC24: 26-22.944N, 82-01.248W Road Bed/Pilings
SC25: 26-22.932N, 82-01.205W Road Bed/Pilings
SC26: 26-22.894N, 82-01.195W Pile Caps
SC27: 26-22.990N, 82-01.240W Pilings
SC28: 26-23.031N, 82-01.256W Pile Caps/Pilings
SC29: 26-22.976N, 82-01.203W Pile Caps/Pilings

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