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I am Capt Paul Hobby, a full time fishing charter guide in the Sanibel Island and Fort Myers, Fl area. I specialize in fishing inshore waters using Fly and spin (conventional) fishing tackle. My typical fishing charter is 1 to 3 anglers fishing a 1/2, 3/4 or full day. All levels of fishing experience can be accommodated for, from completely novice to someone experienced in sight casting to fish. This is a "have fun" no pressure type of fishing. Most serious anglers put enough pressure on themselves and do not need any added pressure form his guide. If you bring me a "fat free" cupcake, I will never mention any blown cast or missed opportunities.   We typically fish in water depths of 7 inches to 8 feet. Since we are not fishing "offshore" , but rather inshore waters,  the wind is rarely a factor especially considering the numerous mangrove islands that break up wind and waves. Therefore, there is never a worry about someone getting seasick or becoming uncomfortable.   Because of the extremely shallow waters we frequently fish on, I use a boat that is specially designed for a shallow draft and it has a zero "hull slap" type of designed. That means if we are sight casting to fish, we can easily get into casting range and the fish never knows we are there. That is a huge advantage over the typical boat because fish have become more wary with all the added fishing pressure over the recent years.   I have over 20 years of actual guiding experience in the Fort Myers/Sanibel Island area and I am a 4th generation Floridian and native of Fort Myers. 



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