Kristina Jackson: Kristina’s World

Fort Myers 2301 1st Street , Fort Myers, Florida 33901

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Kristina Jackson:

Kristina’s World

Opens: Friday, January 4th • 6pm

Closes: January 24th • 5pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


As a child, Kristina was always on the outside looking in; looking for a sense of home. Was it 4 walls, family, dinner at the table, a roof in the rain, a sign over the doorway “where the heart is”? Where do you call home? We have a large community of souls here in our city that is also looking for a sense of home… We call them homeless.

They come each week to eat and feel connected; not only to each other but to humanity. Some are only a few weeks from a better place, while others will live out their days in tent cities. We call them soldiers. They return from foreign countries and become strangers in their own. They walk quietly through our lives all the while struggling to survive on their own. We call them animals. Beaten, abused, and forgotten pets. Dogs that would do anything for a loyal friend.

Now, in Kristina’s World, she no longer sits on the outside looking in, waiting to connect. Home is in her heart amongst the homeless. Home is in outreach to the veterans that gave to her country. Home is in helping mans best friend meet his new family. Home is in connecting to her community. Her world is finding a need and filling it. Be what you Believe and you will find home in the world around you!

Posted by: Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

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