Fort Myers Beach

One of the world's safest family beaches.

Before bridges connected Estero Island to the mainland, Fort Myers Beach was a 7-mile stretch of coastline known for its shallow water, no undertow and little else. These days, the safe beaches remain, along with family-friendly resorts, charming Gulf-side seafood restaurants and nightlife that gets going just after yet another immaculate sunset. Where this island really shines is in the various recreation possibilities outdoor enthusiasts enjoy like Lovers Key State Park, where back bays and mangrove forests make for great kayaking and wildlife watching.

Boating, sailing, and fishing make this island a real recreational playground.

It's hard to imagine Fort Myers Beach as a remote stretch of green edged with white, soft sand and accessible only by boat. However, that's just what it was until the first "Little Bridge" was constructed to bring tourists and locals alike to the seven-mile Estero Island through Bunche Beach on the mainland. By the late 1920s, a new bridge (actually a second-hand one from the East coast of Florida) was installed near the current San Carlos Bridge.

Little by little, Estero Island's attractive features, including miles and miles of white, sandy beaches, have captured the imaginations of visitors from near and far. This beach community draws visitors from Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom each year.

Boating, sailing, and fishing make this island a real recreational playground.

Add to that a great number of family-friendly resorts, quaint cottages, Old Florida charm, restaurants serving fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and an annual Shrimp Festival, and it's a beach vacation paradise.

Nightlife gleams along the northern tip of the island around shopping-and-dining destination Times Square, and sunset watching is a favored pastime.

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Begin a tour of Fort Myers Beach at nearby Lovers Key State Park, where you can ride a bike, hike through the woods, see gentle manatees, go fishing or kayak through inner waterways. Bicycle and kayak rentals are available on site.

Have a picnic on the beach or drive up Estero Island and over to San Carlos Island, home of the Shrimp Fleet. Have lunch at the plastic-tablecloth/fish market Beach Seafood Market restaurant. Next, explore marine life at the nearby Ostego Bay Marine Science Center.

Head back over the bridge to Estero Island and settle in at the Outrigger Beach Resort’s Tiki Bar or atop the Beached Whale for front-row seats of the sunset. Have dinner and take in a movie at the Beach Theater, then relax under the stars at Times Square, a pedestrian-friendly shopping and dining area.

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