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Inspired by the indigenous Calusa, the Great Calusa Blueway encompasses three distinct regions of the Gulf of Mexico coast. The first portion of the trail meanders through Estero Bay, while the second segment centers on Pine Island and Matlacha Pass. A third leg of the trail takes paddlers inland to the Caloosahatchee and its tributaries.

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    • Tips and Techniques
      Make the most of your time on the Great Calusa Blueway with these techniques, tips and safety recommendations.
    • Trail Tidbits

      Why are there three different maps? How long is the Calusa Blueway? Answers to these questions and more!

    • Paddling with Kids

      When it comes to paddling, kids pick up the skills and excitement as if it’s second nature.

    • Routes for Novice Paddlers

      Novice paddlers typically prefer to take a guided nature trip the first time out. A great starting point for exploring outfitters can be found here.

    • Advanced Paddlers

      If advanced paddling routes are what you crave, the possibilities are wide open. From open water to protected waters, a wide variety of experiecnes are available.

    • A Paddler's Journey
      Terry Brennen has been paddling the waters off Florida’s Gulf Coast for more than a decade. Follow him as he spends a day on the Great Calusa Blueway.
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